In these episodes of Mormon Stories, we interview Jon Ogden—author of When Mormons Doubt.  Jon describes how his faith crisis blossomed during his LDS mission and time at BYU and ultimately became the impetus to writing the book, which strives to explore how the pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness can save relationships even when we

In this episode of Mormon Stories/Transitions, John and Margi interview the brilliant Dr. Julie DeAzevedo Hanks about her article titled “30 Questions Nobody Asks My Husband at Church.” John, Margi, and Julie focus on the powerful cultural messages about gender, potential, life decisions, and worth that are broadcast in the questions we ask.  During the interview, cultural

In these episodes of Mormon Transitions, John and Margi interview Carol Lynn Pearson, Jana Riess, and Jana Johnson Spangler to explore their experiences as they navigate progressive Mormonism. We cover important topics such as: Each panelist’s experience when their faith became more complex and whether they would self-describe as a Mormon What made them choose

In this episode of Mormon Stories and Mormon Transitions, John interviews Brynne Thomas Gant — author of the article titled, “They Can Leave the Church, But They Can’t Leave the Church Alone,” in order to explore the impact of this saying held by many orthodox believers. Part 1 Part 2

In this episode of Mormon Stories and Mormon Transitions, John and Margi reflect back on their 13 years of experience as semi- and non-believers and provide their advice on how to successfully navigate activity in the LDS Church.  Some of the topics discussed are: Advice on how to determine whether church attendance is a healthy

This episode is a recording of Dr. John Dehlin’s goodbye presentation to Cache Valley Oasis – a secular support community formed in Fall of 2015 in Logan, Utah. In his presentation (recorded May 21, 2017), John shared reflections of “lessons” he has learned over the course of 13 years as a Mormon/Post-Mormon activist. Play

In this episode of Mormon Stories, Margi and John share and discuss their ideas in creating a family culture.  Margi uses the metaphor of a “tower” with 5 building blocks to show their cumulative effect. These building blocks are: Values — the foundational layer Embodiment — the living of those values Ritual — the framework

027-028: Healthy Marriage

In these episodes of Mormon Stories, John and Margi have a discussion with Natasha Helfer Parker, LCMFT, CST about forming a foundation for marriage that withstands change.  They also discuss guiding principles to maintaining successful relationships. In Part 1, John, Margi and Natasha discuss: Differentiation: the constant tension between “me” and “we” in marriage Respect/friendship

In this episode John and Margi interview four individuals who are transgender and either active LDS or former LDS.  Our panelists for this interview are Kimberly, Ann, Emmett, and Augustus.  We discuss: What it was like growing up in the LDS Church What effect bullying and life in the “closet” had on them How the

As part of our series on meetings with Mormon General Authorities, we interview Lance and Nicki Miles. Lance and Nicki’s story four-part story has so many compelling (and epic!) components, including: The death of Nicki’s dad at 13 years old, bonding her to the church. Sexual shame in the teenage years and into their missions. Lance’s

In this episode of Mormon Stories, we interview Noah Rasheta — the Executive Director of the Foundation for Mindful Living and host of the Secular Buddhism podcast.  This meaningful and compelling interview covers: Noah’s early life as an orthodox Mormon believer and his struggle with the thought that with all of the good in the

Panelists Wendy & Thomas Montgomery and Daniel Parkinson delve into topics related to Utah’s escalating suicide crisis and the feeling of despair that many LDS LGBT individuals experience. Part 1: In this episode, the panel discusses appropriate guidelines when discussing suicide and work to identify possible correlates unique to Utah and the broader LDS LGBT

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