027-028: Healthy Marriage

In these episodes of Mormon Stories, John and Margi have a discussion with Natasha Helfer Parker, LCMFT, CST about forming a foundation for marriage that withstands change.  They also discuss guiding principles to maintaining successful relationships. In Part 1, John, Margi and Natasha discuss: Differentiation: the constant tension between “me” and “we” in marriage Respect/friendship

In this episode John and Margi interview four individuals who are transgender and either active LDS or former LDS.  Our panelists for this interview are Kimberly, Ann, Emmett, and Augustus.  We discuss: What it was like growing up in the LDS Church What effect bullying and life in the “closet” had on them How the

As part of our series on meetings with Mormon General Authorities, we interview Lance and Nicki Miles. Lance and Nicki’s story four-part story has so many compelling (and epic!) components, including: The death of Nicki’s dad at 13 years old, bonding her to the church. Sexual shame in the teenage years and into their missions. Lance’s

In this episode of Mormon Stories, we interview Noah Rasheta — the Executive Director of the Foundation for Mindful Living and host of the Secular Buddhism podcast.  This meaningful and compelling interview covers: Noah’s early life as an orthodox Mormon believer and his struggle with the thought that with all of the good in the

Panelists Wendy & Thomas Montgomery and Daniel Parkinson delve into topics related to Utah’s escalating suicide crisis and the feeling of despair that many LDS LGBT individuals experience. Part 1: In this episode, the panel discusses appropriate guidelines when discussing suicide and work to identify possible correlates unique to Utah and the broader LDS LGBT

SUPER honored/proud to release my latest interview with Heidi Nielson Packard and Dr. Josh Packard. This powerful, informative, and in-depth interview covers: Heidi and Josh’s very orthodox Mormon upbringing and early years as Mormons. For those interested, Heidi’s brother is Christian Nielson, who is married to Stephanie Nielson of the NieNie Dialogues blog (sister to Courtney Clark

In this two-part episode, Dr. John Dehlin and his wife Margi hold a panel discussion with Kristin Marie, Michelle Ross, Paul Smith, and Ryan Stott.  The panel navigates topics that include sexuality/purity messaging for the youth of the church, its impacts, and suggestions for approaching sexuality in healthy ways. Part 1: The panel discusses the purity

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John and Margi continue the conversation with our expert panelists Emily Celis, and Aimee White Heffernan.

In this episode, recorded March 7, 2017, we discuss death, loss, and grief. Co-hosts are John and Margi Dehlin. Today’s Panelists! Emily Celis Aimee Heffernan Announcements! Looking for an immersive experience and support in your Mormon transition? It’s not too late to register for our Salt Lake City Retreat March 10-12. Go HERE to find more

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In this episode, recorded February 28, 2017, we discuss Communicating with Children During a Faith Transition Pt. 2. Co-hosts are John and Margi Dehlin. Today’s Panelists! Lisa Patterson Butterworth, check out Lisa’s Blog, Feminist Mormon Housewives. Mary Mealing Lisa Keyes Announcements! Looking for an immersive experience and support in your Mormon transition? Check our Salt

In part 2 of this series, sex therapists Natasha Helfer Parker and Kristin Marie Bennion discuss healthy sexuality in a Mormon Transition.  Some of the topics include reclaiming meaning, self-compassion, shame, pornography “addiction,” and what to do when partners have different interest levels in sex. Announcements! We have retreats coming up! March 10th-12th in Salt Lake City,

In this episode sex therapists Natasha Helfer Parker and Kristin Bennion discuss healthy sexuality in a Mormon Transition.  Some of the topics include reclaiming personal authority,  education, exploring your sexual template, principles of healthy sexuality, masturbation, and pornography use within a relationship. Show Notes: Books Recommendations Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski Guide to