In this episode recorded January 31, 2017 Margi and John Dehlin interview Julie De Azevedo-Hanks, Kerstin Koldewyn, and former LDS Quorum of the 70 member Hans Mattsson (Sweden) about how to speak to children during a Mormon faith transition.  Questions and comments are also discussed from our live listening audience. Today’s Panelists! Julie De Azevedo-Hanks Kerstin Koldewyn

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Margi Dehlin’s Mormon Transition

As the first interview for the new Mormon Transitions project, I am incredibly pleased to interview my dear wife of 23 years, Margaret (Margi) Weber Dehlin. In this three-part interview, I ask Margi a series of 46 questions focusing on thee parts: Part 1: Margi’s life as a believing Mormon.  This includes questions about how her family joined

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In this episode, recorded January 17, 2017, we have a Q&A in Communicating with Orthodox/Believing Mormons. Co-hosts are John and Margi Dehlin. Today’s Panelists! Amy Grubbs, Open Stories Foundation – Director of Operations Jenny Marrow, Therapist and Relationship Coach  Ryan McKnight, Founder of MormonLeaks Steve Holbrook, Utah Valley PostMormons Royleane Otteson, African Promise Foundation –

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In this episode, recorded January 10, 2017, we discuss tips on communicating with Orthodox/Believing Mormons. Co-hosts are John and Margi Dehlin. Today’s Panelists! Amy Grubbs, Open Stories Foundation Director of Operations Shandi Hill, Moderator for Thoughtful Transitions Jared Gant, Professional Photographer at JMGant Photography Brynne Thomas Gant, Deputy District Attorney at Weld County District Attorney’s Office

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An introduction to Mormon Transitions Live! podcast, hosted by John and Margi Dehlin. Panelists on today’s episode include Amy Grubbs, Shandi Hill, Marco Perez, Jeremy MacDonald and Dan Wotherspoon, host of Mormon Matters Podcast. Today’s podcast is brought to you by the Open Stories Foundation, whose mission is to promote understanding, healing, growth and community for

We are SO excited for our first workshop for 2017 with Dr. John Dehlin in beautiful Anaheim, California! Registration closes January 25th. The primary focus of this workshop is to assist individuals in their faith transitions. Topics that will be covered at the event include: Spirituality Raising healthy children Vulnerability and intimacy Connection to self

Friends and Followers of Mormon Stories and Mormon Transitions Podcasts, The Project: I (and others at the Open Stories Foundation) have been been planning for over a year to fully launch the Mormon Transitions project — a community effort to provide multimedia materials, events, community, research, and ultimately a book or two — targeting those transitioning away from orthodox

To help direct us in our efforts to provide support resources for you in your Mormon transition, please post as comments here the hardest parts of your LDS faith crisis.  We are specifically interested in what types of content (podcasts, essays, guides), suggestions, and support you could use in your Mormon transition.  Please be creative. You do